My Projects

Picture of a tool belt This page is dedicated to my projects. Some are complete, others I've only just begun, and others I'm kind of in between on. Also, expect some level of diversity here. This could be writing projects, lego projects, or even programming projects. With that said, I hope you enjoy this section of my website.
Last Updated Project Name Synopsis
5/30/2015 SimpleAR This is really meant to be a simple sqlite learner project. That said, it should be able to track ones accounts receivables and allow for a simple statement showing how much is owed.
3/21/2015 ArgsParser C# utility to make parsing command line arguments safer and easier.
9/14/2006 Flex Calc A basic calculator written in flex
6/26/2006 PHP Calculator A basic calculator written in php
3/21/2006 Spiritual Gifts Test A test designed to help you discern what spiritual gifts you may have
2/12/2006 Valentines Day Project Will you be my Valentine?
2/2/2006 Legoverse When I was a kid I was very into Lego's.